Weekly Stumble: Get The Look


Okay, so I promised my next Weekly Stumble would be a little bit more serious… so here’s a funky page that caught my eye:


It’s a nice page on how to do your eye make-up in a funky way. There are two rules I have always paid the most respectful of heeds to when going out – the first is flaunt only one thing out of boobs, legs and midriff. If you overdo two of them it makes you look easy, and all three? Go stand on a street corner, save the trouble.

The other rule? If you are doing your make-up, it’s wise to focus on EITHER your lips or your eyes. If you’re the kind of girl who, like me, prefers to spend 20 minutes juggling shadows, powders, liners, pencils and mascara to make your eyes look striking and sultry, then finishing your look with over-the-top, vibrant red lipstick doesn’t usually work so well. Likewise, if you can’t leave the house without a winning smile, keep the eyes simple and elegant to polish off the look.

I’ve never been one of those girls who can’t leave the house without make-up on. no matter how little or much cover-up many girls feel they need to use in the morning, it still leaves me feeling too restricted. I much prefer saving my efforts for special occasions, because it means so much more to me and others when I DO dress up for something.

Kirsty Watkinson


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